The wall - a home information system

The wall is what I call a "home and family information system". The idea for this project came when we bought our house. I wondered every morning, when leaving the house, whether the windows in the top floor where closed or not. Adding small sensors to the windows is not so difficult, but how should I display the results? The first idea was to put an old laptop right beneath the front door, but this would look kind of ugly. But when the NXP mbed came around, it looked like the perfect fit: small, but with enough horsepower, and with integrated Ethernet! So I started soldering and coding...


  • show the current weather, and the projection for the next 2 days
  • show current time and date (synced with a time server)
  • show calender items
  • show todo items (modify and close them)
  • touch screen (via touch pen) as user interface
  • time zone handling
  • accepts new calendar entries and todos via email (reads a POP3 mailbox)