admScope - analog-digital mixed scope

This project has been created as entry for the Cypress PSOc5 design challenge. Purpose was (beneath building a small but usable scope for myself) to demonstrate what can be achieved with a single-chip solution. When you look at the feature list below, one can see that the PSoC5 is quite a capable beast!

The only external component was the graphical LCD, to show the results. Anythings else (input amplifier and buffer, trigger comparator, digital input buffer, ADC) is handled by the PSoC5.


  • 2 analog channels, with up to 700k samples per second, and 8 bit resolution
  • input triggering on both channels, with definable level
  • 8bit digital input, samples at the same rate as the analog channels
  • triggering on any combination of these signals
  • samples rates down to 1kHz
  • sample buffer from 1k to 24k (depending on the number of used channels)
  • stand-alone use with graphical LCD
  • PC use with Java client (based on the SUMP client)