In the moment there are the following Java projects available:

  • MetaWatch client - a PC client for setting time and configuration of a MetaWatch clock
  • DataBus - bus system for event handling
    A system allowing components to exchange data (by sending events) without knowing from each other. There can be multiple listeners and producers for each type of event.
    Used by APD and GCP.
  • Q3Master - local Q3A master server
  • GCP - game control program
    A highly modularized program to start and administrate game servers. It was developed for QW TF and Q3A, but can easily extended to work with other programs. It allows the writing of log files (rolling, per map...), the remote administration and automatic kicking of players.
  • LDSE - local domain search engine
  • FuncPars - a function parser
  • IWG - the interface wrapper generator
  • APD - audio playing daemon

There is another program written in Java, but as it is intended to be used for the Apple Newton, it is located in the Newton section: PDFConv