There are many programs for viewing SEQ-files. But none of these was like I wanted it. So I sit down and started to wrote my own. The result is the "SEQ-Reader". It got the following properties :

  • display with 32 lines on the screen
  • fast during loading and scrolling
  • easy to use
  • automatic detection of available memory (expansion by Hannes / Solder)

Unfortunately the reader isn't ready yet. In the future there will be these features :

  • implementation of all Keycodes listet at the help-screen
  • easier selction of the files from the directory-list

The 32-lines-part was written by my friend Marc Peter.

The actual version is 1.55.

New features / removed bugs :

  • Locking of charset-switching
  • correct reinitialization after finishing
  • corrected memory detection

Known bugs :

  • with 64k, large files are read complete, so the beginning of the files will be overwritten
  • I should change the colors in the status-line

All 1541-users know this problem : this drive is REALLY slow. That's why there are so many floppy-speeders.

So I again sit down and started to write a speeder of my own. It has the following features :

  • easy to create on a disc with a generator-program
  • easy to use : simply write LOAD "=name",8,1 -> no need to load an extra program

Download as PRG / ZIP.